Behind BreakawayPH

BreakawayPH is a travel blog authored and maintained by Jan Ashlee Franco.

Jan uses this blog to share his views about travelling which seems to differ to the traditional travel and vacations that people used to think. For him, travelling is more than just seeing places and taking pics. It’s also important to know the different cultures of each and every place he visit. It let him experience the goodness of life in new and exciting ways.

BreakawayPH serves as his diary for every break he takes and travel he makes. As a young professional, it’s important for him to relax and unwind whenever possible. Travelling is Jan’s way to switch off from the outside world.

Aside from chronicling his journey, Jan also wanted this blog to become “the tool” for other travelers. He aims to make this blog become a place where people can get tips, ideas and advice for their upcoming trips. With the help of his story, photos and firsthand experience, people can plan their travel with less stress and hassle.

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“Traveling is therapeutic, it is a good stress reliever and it helps us unwind in a way nothing else does." - Jan Ashlee Franco