Mount Purro Nature Reserve - A breathe of fresh air

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Wheew! All these blogsite's redesigning, promotions and posts updates really got me caught up. Somebody needs a quick breakaway, away from his laptop lol. Good thing, one of my blogger friends sent me a message asking if I would like to join them for a weekend staycation at Mount Purro Nature Reserve. Perfect timing there buddy.

MPNR is located in Antipolo City (1.25 hours drive from Q.C.) Funny, coz I live in Rizal province and I often find myself looking for a nice spot to chill in near me on the internet. How on earth did I not know anything about this place. Shame on you travel blogger from Rizal haha.

Mount Purro Nature Reserve started as a small bahay kubo and a vision of a place where families can enjoy each other's company while hiking in the forest, climbing trees, catching dragon flies, and swimming in the river. -
If you're looking for a quiet, relaxing place to stay away from hustle and bustle of Manila then you gotta be here!! Their cabins are surrounded by plants and trees, like you're in the middle of the jungle or somewhere with an amazonian vibe.
The cabins were designed and positioned to catch tradewinds and natural light perfectly.
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Aside from pulling yourself back and becoming one with nature, You can also enjoy different kinds of activities there like:

-Getting a relaxing massage for only 350 per hour

-Make Smores & Cook Hotdogs: Bonfires are set in different areas and marshmallows and sticks are given for free to every guests!

-Have Fun in their Game Room: Play billiards, pingpong and whatever you can find entertaining there.

-Climb a Mountain / Go Hiking: you can get your own guide, hiking will take about 45 minutes (1 hour if you're that type of hiker who complains and takes breaks a lot, like me)

Rumour has it that you can catch a sea clouds with a magnificent view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range up there.

-Get to Know the Dumagats: Dumagats are the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. You can request at the reception to schedule a meet and greet. You can have a chitchat with them and learn how to build a fire and cook using nothing but wood and bamboo. (New skill unlocked)

-Go Swimming: A staycation is never complete without a dip in the pool so don't forget to bring your swim wears.

When you're too lazy to use the stairs
How to get there:

-From Aurora Boulevard, Cubao you may ride a Jeepney or FX going to Cogeo.
Fare: 35 Pesos

-From Cogeo Take a jeepney going to Paenaan and tell the driver to drop you off at Kanto Veterans
Fare: 22 Pesos

-From Kanto Veterans take a (2 rides) tricycle going to Mount Purro Nature Reserve.
Fare: Terminal 1 - 75 Pesos
         Terminal  2 -70 Pesos


Only light snacks are allowed to be brought inside the premises but don't worry because Loli's Kitchen - their very own restaurant is open from 7am to pm.

I don't have any food photos because I ate them all before realising that I'm a blogger and should have taken pictures of the food first.
Don't worry about the quality of the food. I have tried every single dish they have prepared and honestly, I am quiet impressed.

Tip: Opt in for the Buffet meals (worth it) and do not ignore the Longganisa because it's really really good.

That grab a book or contemplate life spot

There are different cottages and cabins you can choose from depending on the number of your group.

If you are on a tight budget, then that shouldn't be a big problem since they have The Pavillion Hostel (Dorm Type)  which is only 500 pesos per head/night.

You can also bring your own tent and sleeping bags for an overnight stay. That's also for 500 pesos per head/night

For more information you may contact them at:

Mount Purro Nature Reserve
Facebook: MountPurroNatureReserve
Address: Purok 5, Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City, Philippines
Tel: 09985612815

Refreshed and ready for a new week!
I'm so glad I discovered MPNR. It is a perfect place to find some quiet time, to allow yourself to slow down, relax, meditate or just simply do nothing.

I would love to come back and maybe plan a hiking/tree planting activity with my friends. To see more photos click here: Mount Purro Nature Reserve

P.S MPNR was built and managed with passion and respect for nature, so please be a responsible guest. Keep the noise level down and maintain cleanliness.


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