How to get to Merloquet Falls, Zamboanga City

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My favorite spot in Zamboanga City has gotta be Merloquet falls located a few kilometers east of the city. I think it's one of the most gorgeous and dramatic waterfalls I have ever seen. I enjoyed watching the flow of water running over the rocks and the water? it's just so damn refreshing!

Here is a quick guide on how to get there.

Your starting point is the Southway Mall located at the town center.

There is a small falls on top of this one which also a must visit.

 1. Just across the mall is Sevilla Street where you can find the jeepneys going to Guiwan 

2. Ride a jeepney with a signboard: "Putik" - 9 pesos per person.

3. Go down to Guiwan Terminal. Take a bus going to Pagadian, Air conditioned buses - 125 pesos per person. Ordinary buses are also available if you wanna save more money. Travel time is around 1 hours and 30 mins.

4. Ask the Bus conductor to drop you off at Barangay Vitali, watch out for this chapel:

Vitali Parish Church
From this church you will see plenty of Habal-habals on the street which can take you directly to Merloquet Falls.

5. The Habal-habal going to Merloquet Falls will cost you around 50 pesos per person. You can also try your haggling skills here. The road is pretty rough here so hang on tight!

6. Do not get too excited! please pay the entrance fee! it's only 5 pesos! :D

7. Time to get a little physical! a 15 minutes trek is needed before you can reach Merloquet falls. Just simply follow the trail, I promise all your hard work is worth it.

9. Take out your camera, Take off your clothes (not all of it), and get ready to see the breath taking view and feel the refreshing water of the falls and! Enjoy!! 

Tips and Suggestions:

1. Pack light and compact as possible. You will ride the jeep and Habal-habal plus you have to trek too.

2. Bring enough food and drinks. 

3. Bring extra clothes in case you wanna go for a swim.

4. Please bring your own garbage bag and keep the place clean.

5. A half-day tour is applicable but I suggest you allot more time to enjoy the place.

6. You can also join the ZATER Group Trip. Contact Joy Alvarez of the Philippine Information Agency at 991 6769 or 0928 554 7251 to reserve a slot for you.

When you walk the trail beside Merloquet Falls, you will feel a perfect union with nature! At several points, you can touch the water, while hearing the roar in your ears. All of this surrounded by lovely trees and foliage. Truly, one of the best waterfalls, ever! I hope you enjoy your visit there and tell me your about experience too!


Jan Ashlee ^_^

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