Batad, A Refuge From the Busy World

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There are times when you just wanna break away and go to a quiet and refreshing place to rejuvenate or recharge. My suggestion is that you try to visit Batad. It is the perfect spot to relax and forget about the crazy and busy life you have.

Rice Terraces are spectacular, I love how majestic and powerful it is to the eye. I am lucky to be living near the provinces where you can find these amazing beauties. Batad Rice Terraces located at the Ifugao Province is a UNESCO Heritage Site and I think one of the best attractions of northern Philippines. 

How to get there?

From Manila you can take a bus going to Banaue. 

Ohayami Trans +639175617344

09:00 PM - Manila - Banaue ( peak season only)
10:00 PM - Manila - Banaue

Cable Bus Tour +639185216790

8.30 PM - Manila - Bontoc

From the town of Banaue you can take a public jeepney going to the Batad Saddle Point, the fare is 150 pesos. An Hour and half of trekking is required to get to the terraces and this is where you will mostly find the hotels where you can stay at. Now this can be physically challenging but I promise that is worth your time and effort.

Even though it's drizzling and the weather is freezing I still insisted to go top-loading this has been sitting on my bucket list for quite a long time.

A Trip is more fun and enjoyable if you got the best tour guide in town. You may contact Kuya Dandy Umhao at 09103465310 or email him at He can arrange the trip for you and you may even throw any questions or inquiries before visiting Batad.

And we don't even look tired at all!

Register first and give a small donation before proceeding to your chosen Inn.

Where to stay?

Hillside Inn

-200 pesos/night/head
-Rooms have no power sockets so I suggest you make sure all your gadgets are fully charged. -If you really have to charge then you'll need to pay an extra 20 pesos for Mobile Phones/Batteries and 50 pesos for laptops. Power outlets are available at  the reception area.
-Only common bathrooms and you pay 50 pesos for you to use their hot showers.

Fried chicken and vegetables and rice - 120 pesos 

The food in Batad is a bit pricey as everything must be ported from the town of Banaue. Like for example. a bottle of mineral water will cost you a staggering 75 pesos! Prepare your own food and drinks to save money but it won't hurt if you try some of the local food for experience.

I love the location of the Hillside Inn! 

Just an hour of trek away is the Tappiya Falls. It is a must-do trek that most of the travelers can take part in. It’s challenging if you’re going to go quickly up the highest point of the terraces, but if you pace yourself and accept the challenge you’ll probably make it and be very glad you did!

 I suggest that you bring food or drinks and have a small picnic there perhaps. A whole day of chilling and bathing at the falls is a good idea to enjoy your stay at Batad. The falls  is refreshing and peaceful, I mean I can stay here the whole day and just stare at it.

Check out the girls behind me, they love it right?


The sound and sight of running water creates an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Tappiya Falls is a place of refuge in a noisy, fast-moving world.

The Stairway to Heaven

Trekking, Toploading, Swimming.... nothing beats with the activities when the whole place is visible to see and exudes a breathtaking scenery to amaze every visitor coming to the place. I got the relaxation and energy I needed to face my life back in the city. Batad is the perfect place to breakaway at, It's one of those places that I promised I will visit again and again. 

You can check out more pictures of my Batad Trip here: Batad, Ifugao or watch out for my upcoming posts.

Breakaway! :)

Jan Ashlee

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