Camping at Mt. Kiltepan, Sagada

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I love camping! I love the way a camp fire smells and how much better a beer tastes when sitting around that fire. It's a lot of fun. It's cheap. It's a change of pace. It's different from the usual 'drive somewhere and stay in a hotel' type of vacation. Mt. Kiltepan is the best spot for camping, you wake up and get the best view from your tent, the famous sunrise in Sagada.

I'm just way too scripted here :D

It was a very tiring day for us coz we just finished our tour in Marlboro Mountain but we are all very determined to go even if it means we have to walk for 7 km at night just to get to Mt. Kiltepan. It was my first time to go camping with girls (only) so who can we trust to make a bonfire? A clueless me. Yeah I'm not an expert when it comes to making a bonfire, I just literally took all of the dry leaves, twigs, small sticks I found on the woods, dumped it, took any flammable item I can see and used my handy lighter to start the fire.

This bonfire looks funny but hey I tried! and we were able to roast marshmallows, safely.

 Good thing the tour guides from SAGGAS came to the rescue and made a REAL bonfire. 

It was an epic night! we were all hanging out having a good time. We had the fire burning, shared some cool stories and and passed around drinks to keeps us warm. 

Here's something I should be proud of; I was the one who prepared our dinner and breakfast and I was able to pitch my tent w/in 5 minutes. Not like it's a big deal but I might as well let you know. lol.

The following day I looked around just then and I realized that it would be a day like no other.

check out the sea of clouds! 

   with Ann-d-explorer

If you’re going to a camping trip with your friends and family, make sure you have a comfy tent, some ready to eat food, and a really good campfire story! Do not leave any rubbish around the campsite bring a bin! let's not spoil the beauty of nature. Be a responsible camper. (and make sure to bring someone who knows how to make a bonfire).

Enjoy the night and have fun in the morning! Breakaway!! :D

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