Puerto Princesa, The Bewitching Princess

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I finally got the chance to visit this city, Last summer I bought a ticket and made a hotel reservation but ended up not going because of some issues with my schedule at work and school. It's sad because I wasted money and was not entitled for any refunds so I came up with a better way on how to enjoy Puerto Princesa without having to spend a lot. 

Puerto Princesa City, capital of Palawan, is the largest city, by area, in the Philippines. It also has the coveted label of being the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines.

I stayed at Cloud's Inn for only 480pesos per night located at Rizal Ave, the main street of the city. Not only that its cheap but they also offer a free WiFi, tour packages and the staff are really attentive and friendly.

The best way to tour around Puerto Princesa is to ride a tricycle. Don't worry! there are tricycles lined up outside the airport all waiting just for you. Now the standard price of the tricycle tour is 600 pesos good for 3 people. This is more budget wise than taking the Day tour being offered by some travel agencies out there which is around 600 pesos per person. 

I enjoyed the freedom of having more time to take pictures without worrying about the other guests, after all this is my tricycle for the whole day. I'm lucky to have Kuya Jun of Airtoda as our driver/tour guide, he was amazingly patient. If you would like to go on a tricycle tour then you may contact him at 09163101881. I promise you, you will have a great time with him.

There are many significant places to see during the City tour. Each with its unique beauty and appeal. So let’s see some of it's important places of interest:

The first stop is at Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, which is what the city is famous for. There are like hundreds of (hungry?) crocodiles in here. You can also buy hotdogs, tocino and sisig here all made of 100% pure crocodile meat. The entrance fee is 20 pesos.

For 30 pesos you can take pictures with these adorable (?) guys. I'm not really a fan though, I mean they shouldn't be here right?

Come on dude! I told you to clean your room! Move your lazy as*! 

Meet Ella, a bear cat. I didn't even know that there's a bear cat :D

The second spot is Rancho Sta. Monica, popularly known as Mitra’s Ranch  owned by the family of late house speaker Ramon Mitra & son, Baham Mitra. It's like your Tagaytay in Palawan, but this one offers the best view of Honda Bay and other beautiful islands near the city. What can you do here? there's horseback riding, zip lining, hiking or just simply sit down, enjoy the view. Oh by the way there's no entrance fee here.

and finally I found Petra! 

                                                Just a few blocks away is the Baker's Hill...

A food lover? then Baker's hill is the "place" for you. The Ube Hopia with Pork Oil is their best seller! You can also buy other pastries in reasonable prices. The place itself is sort of a park/attraction as you can roam around and take a relaxing time in the garden overlooking the city. Try out the sea food restaurant. and for those who are craving for a pizza, there's also a pizza joint. Sad thing is we were not able to try their Sunday buffet lunch as we arrived late! 

We also visited the Butterfly Garden and the Immaculate Conception Cathedral but didn't stay there for long, we were tired already and we need to prepare for our Underground River tour the following day. 

and look what i found on my pocket!

The Butterfly Garden is the best place to practice macro photography. The only odd thing is that there weren't that much butterflies around!

We already called it a day but my tour guide insisted on taking us to the bay walk, the Puerto Princesa's Bay walk is a perfect spot to watch the sunset and just chill with your travel mates. Add some fish balls and other street foods for a totally epic moment.

Before I forget, If you want to know where the best place to eat in Puerto Princesa then it has to be Bona's Chaolong! They serve  home-cooked Vietnamese-inspired noodles. Their Buto-buto with noodles (55 pesos) and French Bread with Longganisa is to die for! 

I had a perfect day without having to spend a lot of money. Be smart! plan your trip well, exhaust all of your resources and stretch out your budget! Oh Puerto Princesa, I am totally bewitched by your beauty and charm. Palawan you just have sooo much to offer don't you? ^_^

How much did I spend here?

175 pesos - Hotel
300 pesos - Tricycle Tour
20 pesos - Entrance Fee, Crocodile Farm
30 pesos - Photo Op with the Crocodiles
20 pesos - Entrance Fee, Butterfly Garden
60 pesos - Meryenda at Baker's Hill
100 pesos  - Dinner at Bona's Chaolong

Total: 705 pesos!!! Yey!

You can check out more pictures of my Puerto Princesa Trip here: Puerto Princesa, Palawan or watch out for my upcoming posts.

Breakaway! :)

Jan Ashlee

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