San Luis, Aurora - Majestic Falls

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Okay, I gotta be honest when I first went to Aurora all I know is Baler, beach and surfing. Little do I know is I'm in for a big surprise, this province has other great tourist attractions like the breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls of San Luis. 

1st up is the Cunayan Falls - A stunning sight to see and a just a short trek away, this beautiful waterfall make for a picture perfect moment. 

While I was admiring the view and getting ready to take my shirt off and jump into the water my guide suggested to take us to the second waterfall, which is bigger and higher up...

I fell asleep while inside the tricycle (I sleep anywhere anyway) and got woken up by a horrible bumpy road. I was surprised to see the road where our tricycle is.  Still a nice view right?  

You will have to trek for about 15 mins to reach the Ditumabo Falls popularly known as MOTHER FALLS. This trek will test your endurance while taking you through picture perfect settings you will always cherish.

The trail is well-marked and it’s not easy to get lost. At the finish is the most amazing view maybe you’ve ever seen in your life.

The water was freezing, but we gritted our teeth and jumped in. It was refreshing and just terrific to be able to swim in a place so breathtaking.

Breakaway! :)

Jan Ashlee

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